How do people judge your intelligence in a only a brief period of time?

People tend to judge the level of your intelligence within 10 minutes by the following criteria (rightly or wrongly):

1. The steadiness of your gaze;
2. The clench or set of your jaw;
3. Your posture;
4. Whether you hesitate, or stammer when you speak;
5. Your ability to make brief references to important current events within the first few phrases you utter – as if you were informed and had reason to be concerned about “BIG” issues.
People make snap decisions which determine whether or not they will engage with you. Time is short. First impressions are critical.
You can use THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER™ as a quick primer to get yourself up-to-the-minute before you go to meetings, conferences and other networking events. Been there yet? Please visit and review the page and the gadget itself. . Choose it. Use it.
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