Reserved Gold :: Russia


Engraving machine be marked on the bar with a gold content of 99.99% (GOST 28058-89) at the Krasnoyarsk plant of nonferrous metals. Mandatory labeling contains the serial number, test, precious metal letters, the stamp of the manufacturer, year of manufacture and weight of the ingot in grams or ounces. Ingots Guests have a weight of 11000, before 13300, the ingots Krasnoyarsk plant assigned industry “seal of quality” – so-called status of Good Delivery (reliable delivery), which allows you to enter the international market of precious metals. In Krasnoyarsk such status bars have five more refining plants in Russia. Good Delivery. A total of 55 plants worldwide that received the high status of Good Delivery.

The plant in Krasnoyarsk vypet also called gold bullion of the nine species (GOST R51572-2000) – from one gram to kilogram of gold. In addition to gold in Krasnoyarsk produce ingots of silver, platinum and palladium.

PS gold deposits in the state reserve of Russia in December 2008 amounted to 495.9 tons.



One thought on “Reserved Gold :: Russia

  1. Dear Sirs,

    We are looking for a supplier of 500kg of 12,5 kg gold bars a month to the Middle East?

    Thank you for cooperating.

    M. van de Laar

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