How to check or register a valid IMEI for your mobile

How to check or register a valid IMEI for your mobile

After months of planning and speculation India has banned illegal GSM devices that sport a fake, invalid or no IMEI number. Telecom operators have been directed to disable all such phones. This can lead to panic amongst many china phone users who are not sure about the IMEI of their devices. But here we have a solution. There are 2 ways to validate the IMEI number of your handset and incase your have a bad IMEI; you just need to register one for your handset which would cost Rs 199. Simple, Sweet

Here is how you can verify the IMEI of your handset:

1. SMS “IMEI ” to 53232 or 57886 (worked from my Vodafone but not Loop Mobile)

2. Internet: Check the same online at numbering plans

(note to get the IMEI no of your device key in *#06#)

In case your IMEI is invaild MSAI comes to your rescue. MSAI is exclusively authorized body in India by GSM Association (GSMA) to perform Genuine IMEI Implant program (GII). You can learn more about GII here.


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